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Change for Good

Did you know the primary reason I created baimeni was to create a "change for good"? About 10 years ago, I had a huge wake up call. My health was greatly impacted by simply having children. Something so natural actually created my body to shut down. The primary cause was the lack of sleep, which was due to many circumstances. I never knew, but soon learnt that our bodies cannot live day by day on less than 6-8 hours of solid, good sleep. This meant that I was struck with every basic cold and flu, as well as, arthritis, horrible bleeding scabs, rashes and short term memory loss.
The result, I vowed to change the lifestyle of my family.

  1. Receive the appropriate amount of undisturbed, continuous sleep. Sleep is the time the body has to regenerate, rejuvenate and release toxins. My doctor clearly explained how critical this was, more so than many other factors.
  2. Consider everything you ingest and apply to body. A study in the US showed that women on average apply 168 chemicals to their body everyday. Though it may impact us at different rates, the chemicals do impact our bodies at a cellular level.
  3. Exercise, even simple and light exercise everyday to keep your body strong. My whole life I have experienced mid to lower back pain. This weakness also caused muscles to pull my neck out, and cause pinched nerves which could cause pain all the way down to my knees. This pain was simply cured by strengthening my core through something as simple as yoga or pilates, adopting good postures and seeking the help from a doctor to align my back.

People say to me that my skin is so nice. But truth be told, I wasn't told this when I was younger. Even my own mother has said that my skin is better, smoother and glows more now than my younger years. 

I am a huge believer of sharing. I love to provide individuals with feedback, I am happy to share my learnings and I love volunteering my time. With baimeni, I have an opportunity to share so many of my skin learnings. I love being able to help you achieve not only clearer, smoother skin, but cleaner health.

Please Share your Story

I would greatly appreciate it if you could please spare a few minutes to share your experience.

You can email and tell me about your skin journey, why you decided to try baimeni and how we have helped. Be sure to include a photo of yourself. 

Most people trust personal recommendations as it helps them to understand baimeni and its benefits. Therefore, through your picture and words, you will be helping others living a cleaner, healthier life.

To say thank you, I'll send you a 30% discount voucher to use on your next order*.

Did you know, when you make a purchase you have the opportunity to leave a review on our website. You will automatically receive a 10% discount voucher every time you leave a review with a picture.


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