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organic & natural skin care products should be natural.

At baimeni, we believe natural skin care products should be made with natural and organic skincare ingredients. This is why our products are free from nasties like sulphates, parabens, SLS, SLES, artificial colours and fragrances.

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We make our products with natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. Our range is also vegan-friendly, with the exception of our honey mask. Because beauty should have values.

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Gentle on your skin, you can touch and feel the difference.  Quality skincare that is made right at home here in Australia. You can purchase our complete skincare set to try our wide range of beauty products for face, eyes, lips and your body. 

We have taken the time to research and test the best ingredients which will benefit you and your skin. Innovative products like our super balm, moisturising argan butter, hyaluronic acid skin serum and more are proof of this. 

You can purchase online at our secure store and you'll receive your baimeni goodies in the mail in just a few days. Hand packaged, we can also offer gift giving solutions. Simply ask us as we're here to help.

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