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Have you ever felt unhappy? Angry? Embarrassed? Frustrated? And feel that life is out of control? You certainly didn’t choose it, but you feel like you can’t do anything about it? 

That’s where baimeni came from!  I know it doesn’t make sense that something so beautiful and natural came from something that was perversely horrible. But this happened to me. It was actually after my second child, and my body took a hit. My immune system let me down and I was suffering as a result. It was certainly confusing as something so natural and normal as having a child could cause chaos!

I went to see my doctor and she said that I needed sleep. Seriously! What a simple remedy, right? For me, the physical impact of sleep deprivation was not just fatigue, joint pain – particularly my knees, hands and lower back, headache, loss of memory and emotional distress, but also red cyst like bumps all over my scalp, bloody sores on my face and my fingers were unmovable.  

Mentally, I was depressed. There was one point that has been stamped in my memory. My husband found me sitting in the closet, crying. I had had enough. I didn’t want to be this person anymore. I couldn’t seem to operate fluidly like I had in the past, my body hurt, and my skin was ugly. Furthermore, I felt so alone. I had no family around me to help and I hadn’t made any friends I felt comfortable to call on.

I knew that I was sick of being the person I was. I needed to make a change. It started with selecting different products, like those that read “natural”. My skin was horrendous, red, flaky, super dry, sore and rashy. Nothing was working. I was applying moisturiser as least four to five times a day. I needed something, but everything was so full of toxins.

And that’s when I found Hyaluronic Acid. It was natural and had so many amazing skin benefits. Once I started using it people were commenting on my skin, telling me how much better I was looking, so I shared it with my girlfriends. They reported back to me how effective and life changing the serum was for their skin. They loved how quickly they saw a positive change and that it was naturally produced by our bodies. 

baimeni is a result of all my struggles, research and love poured into each bottle. Today I work two jobs to keep baimeni alive, particularly as baimeni has become a source of goodness for many individuals who continue to inspire me with their strength and determination to live. baimeni has consequently become a supplier to those with auto-immune diseases, like Lupus and Osteoarthritis, who have no choice but to opt for the cleanest ingredients because their body will retaliate otherwise. Most recently, Lupus Association of NSW have approved and will be endorsing baimeni. I look forward to revealing more about this mutually beneficial relationship shortly. 

I hope all of you fall in love with baimeni as I and so many other Australians have. 


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