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How baimeni Australia was born

The story of baimeni Australia is a personal one for Jennifer Lee, the founder of the natural skin care products and brand Australians have fallen in love with.


Jennifer's story

Jennifer Lee - baimeni Australia story - Natural Skin care

At a young age of 19, Jennifer was told that she would not be able to have children. So when nine years ago she was gifted with her first son, and three years later another - it became a huge surprise. But what it did to her body, was less surprising. The mother of two had zero white blood cells, arthritis, scabs and was dealing with being sick all the time. However, unlike others out there, it wasn't a lack of exercise or bad diets that led to this. It was a number of other factors.


Changing your body for good

One of the solid principles at baimeni is its goodness. It was no surprise that after having two children Jennifer sought out the good side of life, by changing behaviours in her everyday routines. This included getting more sleep, which was the main cause of her deterioration. Along with movement that went beyond gym or running, but involved taking time out for herself to do simple things like stretching fingers and toes. In this change to find greater good for her body for the benefit of her family, Jennifer also discovered that she wanted to look for natural skin care products for herself that would match this journey. A product that would keep her well-balanced and help to prevent further ageing as her body took a toll with two children and other pressures in life.


The journey to find natural skin care products

Jennifer sought out to find a natural skin routine, that was cruelty-free, contained no nasty ingredients but at the same time was highly effective in keeping her skin well hydrated. It was no easy task.

On her mission to find natural skincare products that were made with safe ingredients and effective, she researched, spoke to others in the industry and trialled many different products. In the end, Jennifer decided the only way to find a product that would match all her needs, would be to create her own.

"After many months of research and testing on my own skin to find that ‘fountain of youth’ - I found a product now known today as a range called baimeni" Jennifer says. Pronounced, Bay Many, baimeni is named after the island Bimini where the Ponce Deleon is believed to have sourced the Fountain of Youth. As baimeni is located near the Bay of Port Phillip (Melbourne) ‘bai’ represents bayside, while ‘meni’ signifies all people alike are able to use baimeni.


baimeni values

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It’s no surprise that nature is one of the core values of the brand today. "It's something we will never change and links in with our strong ethos," Jennifer says. The baimeni range is made locally here in Australia and is cruelty-free, because "If we don't have confidence in testing a product on our own skin, then we should not be using it at all" she says. The brand is against animal testing which is still a problem in today’s world with other natural skin care and makeup companies still performing the practice, despite other more safer and humane alternatives.

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