BAREAYA Brass Safety Razor

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Colours: Matte White


Bareaya is a brand committed to provide a sustainable alternative to disposable razors. Run by French eco-advocate Marjorie, Bareaya was founded in 2018 and is currently based in Hong Kong.

Whether it’s a disposable razor or a cartridge-head system, plastic razors are used as a commodity for a short period of time and thrown away by BILLIONS each year. They are NOT RECYCLABLE because they are made of a mix of materials.

Because they are not meant to last, they are built out of cheap materials that lower their efficiency. The multiple-blade system tries to make up for that lack of sharpness by providing the equivalent of several strokes in one go. This can drag skin cells along the way, which causes a lot of irritations, aka RAZOR BURNS.

It also aims to provide a close shave by pulling and cutting the hair below the skin levels rather than above, which can result in ingrown hairs, aka RAZOR BUMPS.

On the long run, paying overpriced products that harm both the environment and the skin simply doesn’t make sense.

*  Each beautifully packaged safety razor comes with an organic cotton pouch and one pack of 10 blades