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Silky Skin Face Exfoliant (30gm)


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Silky Skin Face Exfoliant is a gentle exfoliating treatment to remove dead skin cells and impurities to reveal a silky, radiant complexion. Rice flour gently exfoliates and soothes inflamed skin, leaving smooth and silky skin. Kaolin clay draws out skin impurities to improve skin clarity.


how does the face exfoliant work?

The combination of Australian white kaolin clay, rice powder and sodium bicarbonate work together when mixed with water to slough away dead skin cells.  Use on stubborn dry patches or all over the face for a skin polishing boost.  Soft and silky skin will be revealed which will be noticeable for days after.


what to expect?

A finely milled white powder that is soft and scentless.  Forms a paste when mixed with baimeni’s oil cleanser or water.  Each bottle contains 30gms.

100% virtuous.
Silky Skin Face Exfoliant is free from sulphates, paraben, lanolin, mineral oil, SLS, SLES, petrochemicals, artificial colours and fragrances. Vegan friendly, cruelty free, all plant based. 



Kaolin White Australian Clay, Sodium Bicarbonate and Rice Powder.


how to use the skin exfoliant?

Take approximately half a teaspoon of Silky Skin Face Exfoliant and mix with a few drops of baimeni’s oil cleanser for an added nutrient boost, or mix with water. Apply in small circular motions all over the face or only to inflamed dry skin areas. Thoroughly rinse away with warm water. Follow up with baimeni’s face toner to restore skins pH balance. Results last a few days so you shouldn’t have to repeat this process more than once to twice a week.


skin type

All skin types benefit from exfoliation.

patch test
Always perform a test patch to check for irritation and allergy. You may apply the product behind the ear or a small area where you experience sensitivity with skincare products. If you typically break out from using skincare products, perform a small test patch on an area you usually break out. The length of time you test depends on you. Most will react fairly immediately with a product (within 24 hours or even within minutes if it’s an allergic reaction).  If you experience any redness or irritation, discontinue use.


protect your natural skin

Protect your face daily from the Australian sun. For more support on sun protection, please visit Cancer Council Australia.

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Regular exfoliation is critical.