46 mum of 2 teenagers. Valuing fitness, fun and health.

My name is Michelle.  I am a 46 year old mum of 2 teenagers – nearly adult children - living in sunny Adelaide near our beautiful beaches.

I love my fitness, fun and health and baimeni is an asset in the health side of my life.

I am looking for a skin care range that is natural and healthy for my skin with minimal chemicals. I learnt about baimeni when someone recommended me to another hydrating product and when I googled the product baimeni's products appeared.
I read up on the products and was quite keen to try them as they were not too expensive and covered all areas I needed in face care.
baimeni has helped to moisturise and hydrate the skin around my eye area and my face. And baimeni's cleanser is a good natural soft cleanser that is gentle on my skin.
I would recommend baimeni to others as it is a great skin 'hydrater' and a natural way to beautify and cleanse your skin.

x Michelle


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