Alcohol, good for Christmas, not your skin.

So you wake up on the morning after Christmas with the worst hangover that you have ever experienced all year round. Your eyes are throbbing and your head feels as if it would explode any moment. You can’t recall how many glasses you had to drink last night or was it the whole bottle. All you can recall is that the food was delicious and you got lost in all the fun and laughter and lost count of the number of refills you were getting for yourself. This is a common story around every Christmas. The food, celebrations and alcohol seem to go hand-in-hand and there is just no putting limit to either one of them. However, alcohol affects your skin in just about the same way as it affects the rest of your body. Alcohol may be good for Christmas but not your skin!
How does alcohol affect your skin?
Some of the most common effects of alcohols on your skin are:
  • Dryness: Alcohol tends to affect the Vitamin A in your blood which is important for cell regeneration. Without it you will be left with a dry wrinkled skin.
  • Redness: It dilates the blood vessels and its excessive use can dilate the blood vessels permanently as well. It can cause spidery veins to appear on your skin. People who suffer from skin issues should avoid overindulgence of alcohol since it can exacerbate their condition.

How can you do damage control?
With everyone drinking around you and enjoying themselves, resisting and controlling yourself can be difficult. However, there are certain things that you can do to control the situation and the damage that it would cause to your skin.

  • Control your intake: This is the most important step towards damage control. Instead of losing count on how many glasses you have gulped down, keep a check on yourself. If you think it would be difficult for you, then you might as well ask friends around you to stop you after some time.
  • Stay hydrated: To combat the problems that can affect your skin after alcohol intake, water is the best of all the remedies available. Stay hydrated and try to cover up for all the water loss alcohol has caused in your body. It will help bring the lost moisture back to your skin as well.
  • Keep your skin well-moisturised: Dry skin is the biggest problem after alcohol consumption. Keep your skin well moisturised to prevent dryness from cracking your skin. Try baimeni’s Eye & Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid to keep it moisturised and baimeni’s 9 Nourishing Face Oil to keep skin nourished.
We all know Christmas is all about celebration but with a few precautions and you can actually prevent any damage to your skin. Eat healthily, drink lots of water and rest will help your skin recover quickly.


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