Skincare is a necessary part of your daily routine. Every day, your skin is exposed to thousands of free radicals, bacteria and pollution which, if not taken care of, can wreak havoc on your skin. From pimples and blackheads to wrinkles and dark spots – there are so many problems caused by a careless skin regime.

Recently, we talked to Jayne – a customer of Baimeni – over a short interview for her skincare routine and her transition to Baimeni products.
Jayne had a problematic skin since she was a teen and currently battling hormonal acne.  Jayne has adjusted her diet and is using all-natural products in order to try and rectify the issues.

Recently she adjusted her skincare routine, which now includes a morning cleanse with Baimeni’s apple cider vinegar and aloe vera toner, followed by Baimeni’s serum and face oil, natural sunscreen and then finally, her makeup. In the evening, she cleans her face with Baimeni’s sweet almond oil cleanser, wiping it away with toner and reapplying some serum and face oil. She also makes sure to exfoliate her skin 1-2 times a week. Her morning skin care routine takes up only 5 minutes while the evening routine takes up a mere 10 minutes of her time.

The primary source of information Jayne uses for skin care products, includes her friends, social media, and related blogs. Given her history, Jayne is willing to try new products with good reviews and therefore has quite some experience with skin care products.

Her most recent experience was with Go-to Skin Care and Mukti – both not meeting up to her expectations in quality and effectiveness. This is when Jayne saw the reviews of Baimeni displayed on a local Facebook Community Hub and decided to give it a try.

Customer Review about Baimeni
After purchasing Baimeni products, Jayne loved their locally-made, all-natural ingredient which left her skin feeling soft and clean. What’s more, she loved how all the products were so easy to use, without the need of remembering which product to use when. To top it all off, the price was almost half of the other brands and this made her fall for all Baimeni products, head-over-heels.

After using Baimeni products, Jayne could not get over how clean her skin felt with a single use. She did not have to scrub her face to get rid of the makeup and her skin felt soft and fresh after use, instead of feeling tight. Jayne also believes that her acne scars are much less visible now and her breakouts have been reduced significantly! Baimeni has really helped her with her oily t-zone and her skincare regime.

She has been recommending Baimeni to all her friends, ever since!

About Baimeni
Manufactured in Australia, Baimeni products are created using natural ingredients with no animal testing. Baimeni delivers high-quality, effective skin care products that are affordable and easy to integrate into any beauty regime.


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