Are we Living a Toxic Life?

Around 168 Chemicals are applied by Women Daily.


If you closely look at the dressing table of your room or in the cabinets of your washroom, you will find numerous cosmetics and skincare products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair products, makeup, nail polish, soaps, lotions, detergents and other cleaning products, body washes, and more. At face value they all appear to be harmless, not to mention some of those labels actually read “environmentally friendly” or “natural”. The astonishing fact about these products is that they contain loads of toxins and chemicals that can be harmful to our health. Not many people are aware that women, on an average, apply 168 chemicals on their skin every day!

Are all these Chemicals Harmful?

The answer is no! Not all the chemicals found in beauty and skincare products are harmful, but most are. They can cause great harm to your skin and overall health. When taking the time to research many of these individual ingredients you’ll find most associated with cancer, allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress, potential effects on the reproductive system, kidney and damage and immune system toxicity. Now is this something you feel comfortable exposing yourself too? How about your family?

The effects of such chemicals and toxins on our skin are endless. From skin issues to fatal diseases, these harmful toxins and chemicals are associated with a huge number of disorders. Some of these effects are:


Excessive use of cosmetics and skin care products that are filled with chemicals can evoke several allergic reactions. Skin allergy (i.e. dermatitis and hives), breathing allergy, and food allergy are some of the common allergies caused by these chemicals. Make sure you are aware of all the ingredients included in the skincare products before buying them.

Furthermore, how about all the toxic chemicals lurking in most brands of make-up? Many of the chemicals laden in these products can lead to red, scaly eyelids, blood-shot eyes, dry eye disease and serious long-term health conditions. Read this article for 10 chemicals to avoid and ways to find better alternatives.

Ageing Signs

Instead of stopping the ageing signs, some ingredients included in skincare products and cosmetics may do the opposite work; they can make you look older than you are. Wrinkles and fine lines may start appearing on your face. This can be caused due to excessive use of makeup and the use of substandard products.

Hair Problems

People across the globe, especially women, tend to experiment with their hair a lot. Although men are not left far behind in following this trend, but women still take the lead. They use numerous chemicals containing hair products for styling and colouring their hair. The chemicals in such products may lead to hair fall, grey hair, weak hair, and other such problems.  For example, Toluene is a petrochemical derived from petroleum or coal tar sources which is commonly used in hair bleaching and treatment products along with nail polish. On labels it reads as benzene, toluol, phenylmethane and methylbenzene. This particularchemical is strong enough to dissolve paint and can impact your respiratory system and irritate your skin. Furthermore, we’ve all heard that expectant mothers should not dye their hair, right? And that’s because toluene may cause development damage to the fetus.

Seriously interested in more? It’s pretty scary, but all you have to do is google chemicals in make-up or chemicals in hair products. A huge list will appear with all chemicals currently used in what we believe to be safe, everyday products. Products that we slather all over ourselves and our children.

Who are at the Risk?

Since women use most of these products; they are at a greater risk of suffering from the adverse effects of chemicals contained in the skincare products mentioned above. And skincare products for babies are deemed to be free of such chemicals; however, ensure that you are reading their ingredients before buying them. Surprisingly most mainstream baby products are full of toxins that can cause rashes and skin irritation. Lucky for us there is a huge trend looking for better, cleaner alternatives. 

How to Minimize Effects of Harmful Chemicals?

Firstly, well done on your first step and that is learning more about the products you are using. With this greater learning, no doubt you will start to select products more prudently and stay away from toxins when and where possible. Understandably it is not an easy feat to do but making a start is better than nothing. Here are some of the ways you can follow to get started:

  • Rely on Natural Products: Try to rely on natural products instead of chemical-filled ones. Make healthy and balanced diet an integral part of your life. Reach for fresh, rather than packaged. Not only is this less expensive, your body will be happier.
  • Read the Labels, Warnings and Ingredients: Become familiar with the key ingredients to avoid. And when reading the label, turn over the bottle to read the back. Certainly, they’ll advertise what’s not in the product, but have a look at what’s in the product.

A Final Word

Keep it simple. As with all things, the simpler the label, the less number of ingredients the better.

As we all know our skin is the largest organ it needs great care. Consider trying baimeni, at least you can take the guess work out of your skin care regime! We have a complete range of skincare products perfect for the whole family.




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