In short yes you can be allergic to anything! All of our baimeni products are beautifully botanical and derived from nature but like anything the body can take an allergic response when it doesn't like it or isn't used to it.

What do we recommend when trying new products?  

A patch test on the inside of the elbow or neck is a great way to gauge your reaction to a product.  Although all our products are natural some active ingredients in our skincare may initiate a response by your skin.

Take Vitamin A, or you may know it better as Retinol.  Most skincare products with Anti-Ageing as their main aim will contain Retinol which your skin may respond to by feeling hot and there may be some redness.  This is a response to an active ingredient and your skin is adjusting to the vitamin A derivatives that are oh so effective at regenerating for your skin cells.  Using Retinol alongside other skin nurturing ingredients is recommended which makes baimeni's Restorative Organic Face Cream (100ml) such an amazing choice as its packed with supportive plant based ingredients for your transforming skin.

What do we recommend if you suspect you are allergic?

Allow your skin to calm down if you have used overly warm water to wash, we always recommend mild to warm water for your delicate skin, then apply your skincare products.  Ease off on usage, only use once or twice a week until your skin adjusts to the new formula. Refrain from using anything abrasive and stick to only mild exfoliation such as our Honey Face Mask & Facial Cleanser which will help balance and moisturise your skin.

Will I get an allergic reaction if I am pregnant/ breastfeeding?

Often when you are pregnant you are told you can't or shouldn't use certain products as it may influence you in a different way that it normally would.  The beauty of baimeni is that all of our skincare products are completely natural and chemical free which makes them a great choice to use in pregnancy.  Our bodies can be unpredictable particularly in pregnancy but its also a time where you should get to pamper yourself so why shouldn't it be in beautiful organic skincare products!  One of my personal favourite products in pregnancy was the Honey Face Mask & Cleanser perfect for clearing up my hormonal break outs!

There's so much information about our ingredients on our blog we are completely transparent.  In our products natural means completely derived from nature.  We pride ourselves on simple but effective combinations of great quality organic ingredients we love the results and you will to! 



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