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We have interviewed many of our customers previously, all of them with certain problems which they need solutions for. They have also enlightened us – and hope to enlighten other potential customers – with these reviews, before and after they used products from baimeni.

Chloe was one such candidate who had a mixed skin type. It got extremely oily in the summer and very dry in the winter. Her skin was completely unpredictable and she had a hard time selecting skin care and makeup products because of this reason.

Chloe has been using 5 products from baimeni including our oil cleanser, toner, serum, face oil and the honey cleanser as a mask. She uses all these products in the same order whenever she feels that her skin might be getting out of control. This mean at least once a week at least (if not more).

Her skin care routine includes cleansing every morning after she wakes up and exfoliating at least two to three times in a week. Her baimeni routine is done every evening and she completes all five steps without any omission. The whole skin care routine takes about 45 minutes and includes applying the honey face mask for half an hour and proceeding with the next steps in the remaining fifteen minutes.

One hot topic which never gets old for Chloe and her friends is skin care and skin products. She says there is always something going on with someone’s skin and that sparks off the topic. What’s more, they like to exchange information and reviews about the different products they have been using on their skin and how effective their result was. In fact, Chloe uses most of her products after recommendations from her friends. Or she uses the internet and other reliable resources to do some research and find the most suitable product for her skin.

Chloe has used a wide range of products on her skin, most of which she can’t remember the names of. However, the majority of skin care products have been extremely harsh to her skin also being the reason why she didn’t bother to memorize the name of the companies.

Chloe chose baimeni especially because of the all-natural ingredients used plus the fact that she had only heard about positive results from users. She loved that baimeni products are not harsh and have an amazing result when used properly. And the best part is that they are suitable for all skin types so she didn’t have to worry about her unpredictable skin anymore.

baimeni has helped Chloe to clear her skin completely and give a much smoother appearance overall with an added skin tightening effect.

Chloe has recommended baimeni to all her friends. She believes that baimeni is definitely worth trying out. You will be able to see results immediately after the first use of baimeni products.



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