As a professional makeup artist...

there's never been a shortage of skincare products for me to try but more recently I have started thinking about the chemicals I am applying to myself and my family and being more mindful in my choices.

My son suffered badly from eczema and we had been on a massive journey with him trying to solve his issues.  It was when I went natural in my approach to his skin that I started learning what a massive effect chemicals can have on the skin and body.  For years we had been applying medicated products and not seeing results, products that are so strong I can hardly believe they were reccomended for such young and sensitive skin.  When we stripped this right back to only products from nature we finally started to see him getting better.  

I had an epiphany.  If it worked for a skin problem imagine how it great it could be for my own skincare routine.  As a makeup artist I had been researching amazing products to use in my kit and I came across Hyaluronic Acid I found baimeni a small business in Australia, in fact, in my own suburb!!  I had to try it.  

That's how I met Jennifer, she has so much knowledge and passion about her ingredients and how they come together to make skincare! I fell in love with the whole baimeni range.  Don't ask me to pick my favourite product... honestly I think buy the whole range and use it.  They all work so great together and are so affordable you literally cannot go wrong!  

My whole family now uses baimeni, my 6 year old daughter loves doing a mini facial with me in the bath.  I have been loyal for three years to baimeni I'm no longer searching for products that will meet my needs and my's really taken the pressure off.  I'm secure in the knowledge that the products are super safe but also super effective.  Even with a new baby I've never been complimented more on my skin.  Its such a lovely feeling.  Im also proud to share baimeni with my clients and recommend the full natural skincare range in my makeup lessons.  

Amy's baimeni routine:

"I love to start off with the oil cleanser, I massage it over my eyes and lashes to remove makeup then continue to use it to cleanse the rest of my skin. With a layer of oil cleanser still on my skin I tip some of the silky skin exfoliator into my fingers then apply all over my face.  This sort of soaks up some of the oil cleanser and melts away the dead skin cells on my face.  I wash it all off with the cotton face washer.  I do this every day.  Once a week I will also apply the Honey Mask and leave on my skin for 10 mins while I soak in the mask I rub the mask into my lips as an amazing lip exfoliator.  One of my favourite steps is using the Apple Cider Vinegar toner that I spritz all over my face and décolletage.  Next I apply the Hyaluronic acid serum while my skin is still damp paying particular attention to the eye area, lips and neck.  If I am off out for the day I apply my SPF and then makeup.  This routine gives me the perfect base for makeup. If its night time I apply face oil to the palms of my hands then give myself a face massage.  I then use superbalm on my lips and anywhere else I want to add an extra layer of moisture.  I love this little tin its such an amazing consistency!"




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