It might come off as a surprise to you, but there are high chances that you can suffer from acne even when you get older. It is more common than you think. A situation where you can’t seem to decide whether you should use an anti-wrinkle moisturising cream to fight your wrinkles or let your skin dry out to treat acne. It is a difficult thing to deal with and can be a cause of a lot of stress and frustration (but please don't pick or pop). There are a lot of ways to deal with this problem with the most common being medications, laser treatments, using topical creams, etc. However, it is best to seek a medical professional – either Western or Eastern – to understand the reason behind your problem. Once you have figured out the root cause, dealing with adult acne would be a lot easier. Read below on how to deal with adult acne.

They are one of the biggest reasons behind acne. Be it adolescent or old age, acne is often caused by fluctuating hormone levels in the body. Since the testosterone and estrogen levels in the body keep changing throughout the adult age, there are high chances that this could be the main cause of that oily skin and acne on your face.

Once you cross over 30, you need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. The more rested your body is, the better it would function and perform. Sleep helps your body organs and glands to take a break and this is very important for their improved performance. If you develop an acne problem, it is important to analyse if it could be because of inadequate sleep. In the case it is, try to get enough sleep to get your body rested properly.

An unhealthy diet which consists of a lot of oily food with imbalanced nutritional values can also cause acne. Keep your body well hydrated and include ample amount of fresh green vegetables. It’s important o ensure an adequate supply of water as well. Acidic foods, diuretics, soft drinks, coffee, dairy products, nuts and sugar can impact skin related issues.

Smoking & Alcohol
Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption introduces a lot of chemicals to your body and this can cause acne problem especially if you are a habitual smoker. Controlling this habit may control the acne for you as well.

The chemicals you use on your skin have a huge impact on the overall health of your skin. There are high chances that the acne could be because of your new shampoo or shower gel or detergent which are full of unhealthy chemicals. Also consider insecticides or household detergents you might use. If you think you have a sensitive skin try using mild products with lesser chemicals.

Stress, Worry, Anxiety & Fear
Most of the times acne can be caused due to anxiety and stress issues as well. If you are having a tough time at work or are dealing with a problem in your personal life, there are high chances that your body would respond to it with acne.
Most of the times acne is caused by a change in our diet, sleep patterns or hormone imbalance. Before you go for any treatment, make sure that you are working on all the above-mentioned tips.


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