Not a peculiar question. The fact you are here and reading shows you are on the right track to optimum hormone health choosing natural and organic skincare that reduces the toxins you apply to your skin on a daily basis.

Our products are cruetly free, organic and made from ingredients derived from nature.  What does that mean for your hormone health in particular?  Well our products are free from Xenoestrogen that means we do not use chemicals that bind to your oestrogen receptors, which unfortunately a lot of conventional personal care and household products do.  When using baimeni you are choosing a safe product which makes us an excellent choice for protecting your fertility and supporting your body during pregnancy as well as for general good health and hormonal happiness.

What should you look out for in choosing Happy Hormone Skincare Products?

Look out for the ingredients.  If you see the F word anywhere, empty your basket and keep shopping around.  FRAGRANCE is an ambiguous word used to cover a cocktail of chemicals used to add a scent, you may also see it listed as PARFUM.  These are mostly phthalates which have been linked to hormonal imbalances which can cause problems with fertility, pregnancy, PCOS,  not to mention allergic reactions.  The scents in our products come from the source! Powerful essential oils that are packed with natural scent as well as with active ingredients that work their magic on your skin.

Are hormonal problems only relevant for women?

No! Hormone Health is not only important for fertility and pregnancy but also your general day to day feeling, and that goes for everyone.  The balance of your endocrine system and your hormones that act like the your body's chemical messengers is vital for your metabolism and mood.  Happy hormones are also essential for growth and development. Hormone health is not just important for women it is an issue to hold in high regard for your whole family.

Are baimeni products suitable for the whole family?

Yes, the high quality natural and organic ingredients make the whole baimeni skincare range perfect for the whole family for children and adults a like.  Starting out early with natural skincare is the way forward for teaching your children how to best care for themselves and make them aware of the ingredients they are exposing their bodies, and their hormones, to. 

Do you want to know more? 

We recommend speaking to your doctor or an endocrinologist is you have specific concerns and questions about your personal hormone health.  We promote living as clean as possible and self care as a priority.  If you haven't read our first edition of GLOW magazine download it here for our guide to living clean. 



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