I’ve always considered myself as having dry skin. I drink water like it’s going out of fashion but still my skin shows signs of dryness so I have a bit of standard routine of using the baimeni Eye & Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and 9 Nourishing Face Oil as my way of ensuring my skin is receiving the hydration it needs. If you don’t know what skin type you have a good way to test it out is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser, nothing that will be too strong that it will effect your skin too much, we recommend using the Aloe Vera & Citrus Gentle Face Cleanser, use tepid water to rinse and pat dry . After about 20 mins feel your skin and look at your face in the mirror. My skin feels slightly tight with some redness around the cheeks plus with winter adding in to the mix include dry, rough patches!!!

Eeek! Usually my moisturising combo of serum and face oil is enough to combat it...I mean thats a good dose of skin plumping Hyaluronic acid and the goodness of 9 quality essential  oils that work their magic on my skin daily...you would think that would be enough! So what do you do if you are having the same problem with dry rough patches in this skin-drying cold weather? Add more moisture? Well that was my initial reaction too.  Out come the big guns in moisture....I started applying Super Balm as a second level of moisture on those problem areas (as well as the usual areas such as my lips and around the eye area).  With jojoba oil, rosehip oil, and CoEnzyme Q10 I knew it would help my to get my skin back into a presentable state!  However by the next morning those pesky dry patches were back and no added moisture was resolving the issue! So what to do?!


 Time for a Winter Skin Detox!

I cleansed my face as usual with my Sweet Almond Oil & Vitamin E Cleanser. This oil cleanser protects my face from the drying effect of water on my already dry skin. It means I can get my face and pores squeaky clean without feeling tight as the castor oil actively pulls dirt out of the pores as the vitamin E adds moisture to my skin.  Use a warm muslin wash cloth to press onto the skin to steam your face slightly and remove the cleanser. I love the ones from baimeni as it means I have a fresh one for every day of the week.


Fresh Start!

This is the detox part!  Take approx a teaspoon of the Silky Skin Face Exfoliant in the palm of your hand and mix with a few drops of water. This will create a detox mask for your skin.  You can apply the mask with clean fingers or a masking brush.  Apply to your skin first on the areas most effected , for me it’s my cheeks, then apply to then rest of the face.  Allow to set and you will feel it tightening up on your skin.  What’s actually happening is the Australian white kaolin clay, rice powder and sodium bicarbonate working together to draw the impurities out of the skin and exfoliate the dead, dry skin cells away!  What you can smell is the sodium bicarbonate, a powerful natural exfoliant which melts away the dead skin cells.  Rice Powder is mineral rich and adds nutrients.  It has an amazing two in one action it's soft texture lightly removes dead skin cells while the amino acids and vitamins nourish the new fresh skin.  And the Australian White Kaolin Clay is Deep cleansing and with the ability to draw out any impurities yet being gentle on sensitive skin.   Using this amazing little powder you really detox your skin and give the skin on your face a 'reset'.  Remove the mask with a warmish wash cloth and spritz all over with the Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother & Aloe Vera Toner to help restore your skins pH balance and close pores.


Add moisture!

With your newly detoxed skin you will see a new fresh layer of skin revealed and it will feel silky smooth....dry patches be gone!  You will now wish to add your favourite methods of moisture.  I always recommend using the Eye & Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid first and then make your choice.  I would never be without this serum!  I personally love the 9 Nourishing Face Oil or for a night time sleep in skin treatment I mix this up with the Restorative Organic Face Cream for super hydrated, smooth and plump skin!


What's your winter skin tips?! We'd love to hear your winter skin combos and what works best for you.  We find having the Complete Natural Skincare Gift Set really helps us mix up our skincare routines for the change in season and allows us to change up our product combinations as the elements effect our skin...such a great investment for a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful you!



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