We love being able to use our natural skincare for so many more uses than just washing our face!

When we look at the uses of things in different way a whole load of opportunities open up to us can baimeni be a foundation? A furniture cleaner? Help a tattoo heal? Read on to find out how! Here’s just a few of the multi use ways you can use baimeni.

  • Use the Apple Cider Vinegar Toner to set and refresh your makeup throughout the day. A few spritz's of this sense awakening toner directly after makeup application can give you more longevity as well as a great way to freshen up your skin as the day goes on.  Not to mention it's existing efficiency of restoring your skins pH balance after cleansing and prepping your skin for serum and the rest of your skincare routine. 
  • Did you know that baimeni's Apple Cider Vinegar Toner also makes an excellent hair detangler. Apple cider vinegar flattens the hair surface so it is easier to brush, and it reduces frizz as it is a natural conditioner.
  • Is your existing foundation not quite the right consistency for you?  There's a few ways you can use baimeni's 9 nourishing face oil to perfect your makeup.  Apply under makeup as a glowing primer under your base, or mix it into your foundation before applying.  Feel like making up your own coverage?  Mix up a pump of 9 nourishing face oil to a good quality powder mineral makeup to make a hydrating and glowing liquid foundation.
  • Facing horrible acne? Consider diluting the Nourishing Honey Face Mask & Cleanser by scooping out a very small amount and then mix with water to create a thin watery film. Apply this all over face morning and night as your "moisturiser". This is a wonderful way to enjoy the properties of honey all day long and really zap those stubborn zits. 
  • Superbalm is a great all over nourisher, apply to insect bites to soothe skin as it heals, use as a cuticle softer, hand or heel balm or to chaffed skin on the nose when you have a cold.  Also great when you are out and about when you don't have access to your Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion.
  • Stubborn stain on your furniture? Try the Apple Cider Vinegar Toner to remove it! We’ve used it on white furniture to remove stubborn Lily pollen stains (ensure you do a patch test on an hidden area first as ACV may dull the surface it is used on).
  • Got the snuffles?  I like to make my own chest rub for my little ones.  The consistency of the  Moisturising Argan Butter is the best carrier oil I add essential oils such as eucalyptus oil to help them breathe a little easier and apply to chest, back and the soles of the feet.
  • Skincare for the whole family- baimeni can be used by many! From using a squirt of Aloe Vera & Citrus Gentle Clenser in the bath for the little ones to using the Honey Face Mask and Cleanser for hubbies shaving rash this Complete Natural Skincare Gift Set is worth the investment
However if you decide you want to keep your baimeni kit all to yourself we totally get it!  Buy yourself a nice box, stash it in a high cupboard and look forward to your 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night of me time....you deserve it!  What's your multi use function for your baimeni products? We’d love to share more! If you are interested in natural skincare tips and natural living join our faceook group  Natural Skincare Australia.


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