We’ve spoken about Lupus on the blog before as our customers have told us that our baimeni natural skincare products have been life changing! baimeni really was born out of a desperate situation, if you don’t know the personal story behind it, you can learn more here.  So to hear that natural ingredients have made such a powerful impact on our beautiful customers it makes everything worth while. 


We have had the pleasure of getting to know some of you better and we are over the moon to help raise awareness about Lupus and other autoimmune diseases which can make everyday life including something as simple as washing your face wreak havoc with your skin, body and confidence.  Today we are chatting with Ceimon, a Lupus warrior, registered nurse, beauty guru and beautiful spirit. You can learn all about her on her YouTube channel https://m.youtube.com/c/Ceimon.


Ceimon’s diagnosis wasn’t a simple one. “My symptoms were very much like most people with Lupus. However they are so vague they could be anything, which is why it is so difficult to diagnose. Symptoms including pain all over my body, fatigue, unexplained fevers, rashes, hair loss, joint stiffness.  I have sensitivity to the sun, purple fingers, headaches, swelling and water retention, depression and CREST (a connective tissue disorder caused by autoimmune antibodies)” 


Like many other people Ceimon didn’t know much about Lupus and after many years and many tests her immunologist confirmed her diagnosis.  Fast forward to today when Ceimon does amazing things for raising Lupus awareness and encouraging her ‘butterfly squad’ everyday with her super informative beauty/makeup how to’s, behind the scenes living with Lupus vlogs and beauty hauls.  She tells us how she came to doing what she does today:  “I was so depressed with my life. I had just been told I have to stop working full time after I had studied for so long plus I also had to stop night nursing. I felt like my world was crumbling. I have always been someone who burns the candle at both ends… Type A shall we say. I needed to have something in my life that I could have some control over. I knew I had to start to do something that I felt was going to raise awareness but not through a boring way. I wanted it to be fun for me and for those who I was educating. It is my catharsis, with a benefit for many!”  Even though Ceimon tells us about beauty and makeup through her videos and glows on screen everything she does is a reminder that Lupus is an invisible illness and looks are deceiving.


So, how does lupus effect how you feel day to day? 


“It’s a rollercoaster.  I don’t know how my day will go until I wake often, very often, in fact my plans change. People say your so unreliable. NO! I’m not unreliable, my condition is unpredictable. I can’t tell you the amount of things/events in my life I have missed out on because of my condition.” As a result, coping strategies are essential. “I sleep when my body tells me too, otherwise I will pay for it later. It’s not unusual for me to have to go to bed at 430pm to be able to function the next day, especially if I’m working. If I am in a flare, I honestly don’t even get out of bed. I sleep and I take my medications, praying it will be a short flare. I also have a very strict sleep schedule, which has brought down my flare occurrences.”


What do you look for in your skincare products? What are your non negotiables? 


As I review beauty products for Lupus warriors, I like to find a balance not everyone wants to buy luxury or high end brands. So I do try and find all different skin care products to review, sometimes they don’t contain natural ingredients. That’s where I have to break down the ingredients and work out if it’s worth it or not in my humble opinion.


I prefer natural ingredients. Personally I can’t stand mineral oil in products. To me it’s like empty calories, feels good while you use it, give it an hour and you are back to how you were, probably with a few more blackheads! I do believe sometimes spending that little bit extra makes a massive difference to the quality of products. I am not talking about the way the products work, or how your skin looks and feels, I am going deeper than that and it has to suit the individual. Personally, I can’t use Geranium, I have respiratory issues when I’m am around it. I gifted the baimeni face oil to my mum and she even has to be in another room if she is using it. Which is shame because I think it’s such a great oil.”  That shows how powerful oils can be! The baimeni face oil has become a staple in Ceimon's mum's skin regime and they have attributed a more glowing and youthful appearance to it’s effects. 


Ceimon tells us all about her favourite ingredients which really are an area of interest to her!   “Too many!   However I will say oils...aromatherapy oils in products… I love. I recommend you use a qualified aromatherapist/beauty therapist to prescribe them for you as they can irritate your skin. I think that’s where baimeni have a really good balance and believe that using the baimeni skincare as a system for at least 9 months can make a major change to your skin.”


baimeni have a great range. The quality is great, I love the concept. The price is comparable with other brands but I view baimeni as a high end brand with drug store prices. I say that because of the ingredients. The packaging is perfect for caring for those ingredients…it doesn’t have to be fancy because the quality of ingredients are.  Fancy packaging is lovely don’t get me wrong, however in my opinion it’s no good if the product itself is crappy. In my opinion I feel blessed to have found baimeni. 


So what are your go to products and lines that you would recommend to your butterflies and everyone reading? 


“My skin care regime is long and convoluted. If I had to choose... Ok... baimeni cleanser, baimeni exfoliant, Noni oil by Kora Organics with the argan oil moisturiser and Super Balm for the eyes.  That’s my lazy day regime. As far as other product lines ,Urban Spa, Kora Organics, some the FAB line and some of the Fresh line, just off the top of my head. 


Have you found a great makeup that goes well with your skincare regime? 

Honestly that changes every month. There are soooo many.

Klara Cosmetics in my opinion do great eyeshadows, highlighters, blush and lipsticks. As far as base and finishing products I’m loving Cover Fx.”


We love Ceimon’s approach to our skincare range.  We particularly love how she performs lymphatic drainage with our Super Balm and how she makes up her own clay mask with the silky skin face exfoliant.  If you haven't seen those head over to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ooei_2gGcGY for her full nighttime skincare run through. 


We are thankful Ceimon has shared her personal about living with Lupus and her skincare routine .  “I am still riding the wave so if you want to know more, or come on my journey with me join me on YouTube or Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and/or Snapchat join the #butterflysquad. It’s a great community.”





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