Your skin is certainly a canvas and the better your look after it the more it will showcase what you choose to do with it...whether that’s a tattoo, makeup or going bare faced!
Today on the blog we have a look at the best ways you can care for your tattoo with baimeni.


In the run up to getting your new ink use the Honey Face Mask & Facial Cleanser to really smooth and hydrate the area of your skin that you plan to get inked. Keeping your skin hydrated and toned can really help your skins' appearance which will mean your finished tattoo will look better. Adding moisture using the Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion will also help to have the skin in tip top condition ready to ink. Your tattoo artist will appreciate your efforts giving them a beautiful canvas to work on.


With anything that penetrates the skin surface you run the risk of infection and resulting scarring. Follow the aftercare instructions from your artist to the letter use the products they recommend until your tattoo is completely healed. Once it is healed you can really help the skin health and resulting appearance by applying the Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion to aid with cellular renewal in this area. Aloe Vera and avocado oils are a great source of vitamin A which works its magic to enable the nutrients to reach your skin cells, nourish your skin and remove toxins. Organic Shea butter is a powerful and luxurious moisturiser, jojoba oils, macadamia oils and vitamin E also pack a punch of plant based nutrients. Hopefully when you follow these measures your tattoo will be in great condition however if you do find you need the area retouched the process will be much more successful given that your skin will be in its best condition.
Going forward you can also still use the honey cleanser as a great natural anti-bacterial wash for the area that also adds moisture.


A major cause of fading of your tattoo colour/contrast is because of sun exposure. Ensure you protect all of your skin with an SPF to reflect UVA including your tattoos to keep them in the best condition.  
If you'd love to read more about baimeni and a personal story on tattoo care visit the gorgeous blog of our customer Taominx.  Thank you for featuring baimeni we are so pleased you love our natural skincare products!  You can read more at


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