Change in the season inevitably gets you to shuffle your wardrobe- whatever the weather allows you to wear. However, how often do we think about switching up the skincare and makeup routine? Well, most of us don't, but here is why we should.

Skincare is a no-joke, delicate balancing game. Our skin reacts differently to certain temperatures and climates and to keep the youthfulness and hydration levels in check and the excess oils and dirt at bay, it's important we understand not only our skin-type but the weather-type just as well.

Light Textured Products for the Summer

Ideally, we should replace heavy creams with light-textured serums during the daytime so to compensate for excessive perspiration and to avoid any pore-clogging situation. For similar reasons, products like oil or silicone based foundations, or rich, full coverage foundations should be avoided and replaced with a light BB or CC cream that contains a reasonable amount of SPF.


This is obvious, but we tend to overlook this. Our routine and shedding a lot of sweat makes it difficult to stay hydrated. So "eight cups of water a day" theory does not apply in the summertime. The theory switches like everything else in summer; it becomes "chug as much as you can throughout the day" theory.

Eating Healthy

A healthy diet plays a role in almost all areas of life but foods rich in antioxidants such as Mint, Mango, Spinach, Apricots help a great deal in maintaining beautiful, dewy summer skin.

Eating Light

Just like we ditch our heavy clothing in summer-time for the light and breezy outfits, we should ideally eat light too. Saying no to fast food and fried goods would save you troubles like acne, excessive perspiration, bad odour, oily skin and feeling heavy in general. Eating Fruit, Green vegetables, wholesome foods, yoghurt, and fresh juices would you a lot better. Your waistline would thank you too! You gotta watch that bikini body for the summer, are we right or are we right?

A Healthy Nighttime Routine

With summer dusk and nighttime, we feel (and voluntarily bring) changes in the circadian rhythm. We eat at later hours and sleep later too. High nighttime temperature also impacts on the quality of our sleep.

Investing in a good eye cream, and cutting down on screen time, enjoying some Chamomile tea and gravitating towards some healthy reading is our best advice for calm summer nighttime.



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