In terms of using our skincare we are for the whole family but in terms of our cheerleading club we are part of yours!  We are for you. What we are realising through our baimeni journey is just how lucky we are to have amazing, inspiring and strong women by our sides supporting us and supporting this small business by buying our natural skincare.   International Womens day happens every March and this year the theme is “Leave no woman behind”.  When we saw this it totally resonated with us.  We believe in raising each other up.  Recognising the women in your life, embracing them and encouraging them and bringing them along with us!    
They say “It takes a village…” and we agree.  In these modern times when sometimes you can be so ‘connected’ in lots of ways: through social media, by quick chats to the mums on the school run or at the supermarket checkout or scrolling through your instagram account and liking things you follow.  But we can still feel disconnect.  Even having a family, with laughs, cries and tantrums you can still end up feeling lonely…how can you be lonely even though you are never alone?  
Times like this is when you turn to your ‘village’ and it may not be the traditional idea of the village…it might not be mum, dad, aunties.  Maybe it’s your group text with your mothers group, maybe its a sneaky glass of wine with your bestie, maybe it’s a chat in your favourite Facebook group.  But connecting with and celebrating with the women in your life feels good.  In fact it feels great.   Connection is what we crave as human beings and when you feel it it really is magical.  We invite you to connect with your girlfriends, raise them up, tell them they look great, tell them how much you love spending time with them, tell them what they are good at, be their cheerleader.   Shout out from the rooftops how much you enjoy their friendship and share your life with them…chances are they are there with arms outstretched waiting for you.


To celebrate the women in your life baimeni are giving away a natural skincare gift. To be in the running, just pop over to our Instagram or Facebook and tag your girlfriend to tell her just how much you love, admire and appreciate her!




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