So I ask you, who’s behind your best skin care product?

Over the last 40 nights, after laying the children down for bed, I’ve spent my evenings from 8.00-11.30pm bottling our natural Australian made and owned skincare samples to place into subscription beauty boxes – Bellabox and Lust Have It. (Yes I know, it’s completely manual for this quantity and this size, typically we can run it through a fulfillment team). And I am so pleased, no absolutely over the moon, that I can say this morning I have delivered 30,000 of the samples, with another 5,000 that are ready to be sent next week.

As the business owner I am certainly not expecting overtime or a pat on the back. In reality I work for free, with all revenue directly reinvested towards building the business.  Why do I do this? Did you ever have a dream? I remember when I was 15 and in secondary school we were asked to write down our future dream self and mine was to be an entrepreneur. It took a very long and bumpy road to figure out what that exactly meant. But now I have this tremendous opportunity and capacity to give my dream a go with baimeni!

Entrepreneurs are a strange breed. We live for the sheer passion of creation, delivery and customer satisfaction. We thrive on commitment and take enjoyment out of every single task. I love what I am doing, every moment puts a spring in my step. Dedication and passion doesn’t even come close – maybe euphoria. My dreams are far grander than me, I not only want to give my all to my family but also my community.  So the next time you buy something such as skincare, ask yourself who’s behind it? Please consider buying Australian to support employment, and then consider buying local to help build and contribute to your community. When buying local you really are making dreams come true.



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