Are you craving skin that is free from blemishes, dark spots, dryness  and acne? What about anti aging? Is that important to you in your skin care regime? Natural ingredients can keep you and your skin at its optimum health. Powerful plant based oils are the magic ingredient and one of the most used essential oils is...rose oil.

Rose essential oil obtained through the process of distillation of the Damascus Rose (the most fragrant of the Rose family) has been used for thousands of years because of its beauty benefits.

As well as skin care benefits Rose essential oil has theraputic benefits….such as reducing grief and depression. It helps in relaxing your mind along with soothing your digestive system and can help with hormonal aches and pains.  It can act as a confidence booster and can lift your self esteem. When taken internally Rose can help purifiy your blood making it a great choice

So let’s get down to it...what are the Beauty Benefits of Rose Essential Oil?

Tones Your Skin

Rose essential oil is good for toning your skin thanks to its astringent properties that help in lowering the excess production of sebum. Excess sebum can make your skin oily and cause your pores to widen. With the help of rose oil, you can get rid of excess oil and shrink the pores! Resuting in glowing and toned skin.

Effective in Treating Acne

Another wonderful benefit of rose oil is that it can treat acne. This oil has powerful antibacterial agents that kill the bacteria and prevents them from gathering in your pores. In a study, it was proved that the rose essential oil can eliminate the bacteria that leads to acne in few minutes!  Imagine incorporating that into your daily skincare routine to rid the skin of ance and keep your skin squeaky clean this preventing more breakouts. Rose oil is also a great in the treatment of acne scarring helping scars fade and encouraging skin healing.

Moisturises Your Skin

Rose oil is great for locking in the moisture in your skin resulting in a smoother skin surface and silkier skin feel. This oil is good for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin as it has a soothing action that can help with inflamation.

Moreover, Rose oil is good for hydrating your skin as it can balance the levels of moisture in your skin. It helps keep your skin firm and smooth.

Prevents Aging

One of the wonderful benefits of rose essential oil is that it slows down the aging process. The super anti-aging agents and antioxidants in the oil eradicate free radicals which can cause damage to your skin cells resulting in lifeless skin cells that make your skin dull and saggy. Rose oil can tighten your skin cells by building the collagen that makes skin cells more flexible and elastic.

Incorporating Rose essential oil will help you have a radiant, luminous, and beautiful skin. You can experience the amazing skin benefits of Rose oil by using baimeni’s Restorative Organic Face Cream for an all over moisture boost or night time treatment and Super Balm for targeted areas.


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