Jessica's personal skin care journey


We'd love to share with you how our natural skincare products have impacted our gorgeous baimeni community. So, if you happen to be going through the same thing, you know that you are not alone. Please read more about the things you can do and ways that you can help yourself. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your skin care journey with us.

Sleep Deprivation

"I am a busy mother of two, and since having my daughter I’ve noticed a big decline in the health of my skin. I suffer with sleep deprivation... severe bags under my eyes and I feel I generally always look exhausted.  Plus, with very fair skin and sun damage equals freckles and fine lines around my eyes from too much sun exposure.

Skin Saviour

So, like many, I started the hunt for some great skincare that could me with getting rid of the dark bags and liven my skin. And it certainly was a hunt! I seriously think that I have tried every single product under the sun!

I tried the most expensive products purchased from high-end departments stores and overseas and I didn’t notice any improvement. They certainly did not deliver on what the product promised.

I also started to become worried about the chemicals I was applying to my body, plus the expensive products were just too expensive to maintain. I felt that no matter what I tried, my skin was not hydrated. Then came baimeni...

I Can't Live Without...

My favourite natural skincare product is the baimeni Eye and Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. About a year and a half ago I was lucky enough to receive a sample size of the baimeni serum...and I have never looked back! I am now an avid user of every product in the baimeni range.  I still suffer from sleep deprivation, but my skin looks clear and alive, it feels calmer and more nourished. It's better than ever before!

Me Time

Every morning and evening I look forward to my baimeni skin care little bit of Me Time. baimeni has introduced me to using products like a face oil that I otherwise would never have tried. Over the past year I have introduced friends to baimeni. Initially, they were convinced that an all natural skin care was not the answer. but now, I’m happy to say they have now changed their minds and agree with me!

Thank you, Jennifer, for creating baimeni for women just like me.

Jessica x

P.S. It’s really lovely when I get compliments on my skin"


What do we prescribe?

      A spritz of Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother & Aloe Vera Toner in the morning will wake up your senses as well as revive your skin.  Best used after cleansing to restore the skins pH as well as reducing pores.  Follow up with a burst of moisture, try 9 Nourishing Face Oil or baimeni's Restorative Organic Face Cream if you prefer a cream moisturiser.  Read up on why we love Apple Cider Vinegar and how you an incorporate it into your Skin Care Routine.

      Follow this up with a pump of Eye & Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid all over the face paying special attention to the eye area.  If you having heard about this amazing natural ingredient you don't want to miss out on it find out all about Hyaluronic Acid how to use and how it works.

      Super Balm – Eye, Lip & Face is a great little tin for mums to throw in their handbags out on the run.  It can be used on lips to hydrate them which gives a plumper lip appearance plus can be used as a natural highlighter to wear on top of the cheekbones/temples to reflect the light and make you look more awake.  Packed full of Shea ButterJojoba oil and Co Enzyme Q10 you can't get much better for your skin. Want to see how a how to? Let us know in the comments.


      What's your skincare journey?

      Would you like to receive a 30% off voucher? Tell us about your skincare journey. Email us some pictures of you and tell us what you think! Thanks for sharing your story with us Jessica! It means the world to us. Email with the subject 'I love baimeni'.


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