Forget online quizzes, the only way to understand and know what skin type you have is to check your skin. Here is a practical way of getting to know your natural skin deeper to help you make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing skincare.

What you know your natural skin type, you can treat it better.


The human body is a miracle in itself. We know when we’re sick because we usually have a runny nose, sore throat or our glands start to swell. Our body also sends these signals when it comes to our skin. Despite what your friends might say, genetics is only one part of the equation to your skin. The amount of physical activity you do, air pollution and dieting can impact the look and feel of your skin. Your skin type can change because of these and other factors. To ensure you are taking the best care of your skin, understand your skin type. Not all products are suitable for every skin type. You may also find products which are made specific to your needs. For example, what products are suitable for acne prone skin, may not be the same for those who have dry and sensitive skin.


How to find your natural skin type?

Follow these steps to help you understand the skin type that you have:


Step 1: Start by washing your face

You can do this using a gentle cleanser and water.

This step can remove dead skin cells, makeup, oils and dirt that may have impacted the skin during the day.

Then wait a few hours, around 1-2. Ensure that during this time you avoid touching your skin, as this may alter your test result.


Step 2: Grab a tissue or blot paper and dab your skin

Pick up a fragrance free tissue or blot paper and dab your skin on it. Pay close attention to your T-zone. This is your forehead (top head and nose area).


Step 3: Look at the tissue to determine your result.

Does the tissue…

Appear to have flakes on it:

You seem to have dry skin. This could also be sensitive skin if you are often allergic or find your skin reacts to products or items often e.g. you apply cream and your skin becomes red for a bit.

Have grease on it:

Your skin is likely to be the oily type.

Have grease and flakes:

This could mean your skin is dry and oily in different areas. This type is known as combination skin.

Contains no flakes or oil:

This means you are likely to be considered as the normal skin type.


5 natural skin types - what does it mean for you?

There are five different skin types as you may have discovered from the test. Each has different care needs. Learn more about yours below.

Normal Skin

Normal skin type - baimeni Australia

You have few imperfections. Your skin has less visible pores and experiences fewer acne breakouts. Overall it will feel smooth and look radiant.

Normal skin often doesn’t change throughout the day. It feels rich and moisturised for longer. When choosing skincare items, consider natural products which are light on the skin. Avoid heavy product formulations and greasy items.

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Oily skin

Oily skin type - baimeni Australia

You are more likely to have larger pores and thus oil on your skin. Blackheads and pimples are common. You might also find that you often have to reach for blot papers often as your skin feels oily as the day goes on.

Even with regular cleansing, your skin's oil will return. The benefit of this, however, is your skin will need less moisturiser than those with dry skin. You should aim for natural skincare items that are non-greasy and non-oily. Avoiding heavy creams is a must. Consider also purchasing oil-free sunscreen.

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Dry skin

Dry skin type - baimeni Australia

Your skin has almost invisible pores. You have less elastic skin (tight) and overall it is flaky and dry. You are more likely to see your skin crack, peel, become itchy or irritated. The main difference between dry and sensitive skin, is you are less likely to react to products when they are applied.

During the day your skin can become quite dry and will be in a greater need for moisturiser. This is true particularly after you cleanse. Those with dry skin should avoid taking long baths or showers and avoid fragrant products such as soaps and shower gels. You should look for rich moisturisers that will help to add nutrients back to your skin.

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Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin type - baimeni Australia

Also known as the reactive skin type, you’re more than likely to react to products you apply to your body. You may experience rashes or red patches often. Similarly, to dry skin you have patchy, elastic (tight) and flaky skin. Your pores may be normal to large.

A person with sensitive skin needs to ensure they avoid products with chemicals or preservatives. A natural and organic skincare product routine is important. Although you may find you react to pretty much all skincare products, it’s still good to do an elbow patch test before applying a product in full.  To take care of your skin, opt in for rich moisturiser and fragrant free skin care.

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Combination skin

Combination skin type - baimeni Australia

You’ve got dry and oily skin. Some areas of your skin are likely to appear shiny, whilst other less so. Your skin will change often when temperature or weather differs.

A good sign to know if you have combination skin is when you have large or clogged pores around your nose but small ones around your cheeks or face. Commonly those with this skin also experience oil within their forehead and nose (T-zone area).

To care for combination skin is a little difficult. You need to apply different products based on the area. For example, for the oily areas, you’ll want to avoid greasy products. But for the dry areas, the greasy or nutrient rich products will be good to apply.

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Love your skin each day

The trick to treating your skin well is to love it every day with the right products. By understanding your skin more, you can find solutions that will enable it to look its best every day.

Your skin type can change over time, so check in with your skin on a regular basis and remember don’t forget the other key items to good skin, plenty of water and sunscreen!

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