As the days get colder it’s very common for your natural skin to appear dry and dull looking. We take a look at some tips to help you get glowing skin, fooling everyone into thinking you’ve just returned from a nice vacation in Hawaii.


Top beauty tips for a natural glowing face

Everyone wants beautiful, natural and glowing skin. But how can you achieve it when winter comes round? Jot down and try some of these tips to help.

Hydration is key

You’ve probably heard the saying “drink eight glasses of water a day” and whilst health experts agree that water is good for you, this amount isn’t always necessary. When thinking about your skin and body, remember to look out for signs of dehydration. For example, symptoms include fatigue, headaches or lightheadedness, dry mouth and lips. When your body sends you these signals, remember to drink water. Not only is drinking water a great substitute for sugar drinks or soft drinks, it can also help to maintain supple and youthful looking skin.


Signs of dehydration infographic:

Signs of dehydration infographic - skincare - baimeni Australia


Moisturise your skin

Depending on your natural skin type you may need to moisturise more during winter. This is because the colder weather can leave your skin in greater need of nutrients. So in addition to water, opt in for a day and night moisturiser. If you also find that your lips start to crack more often, try nourish them with your favourite lip balm.


Add natural oils

Consider adding more natural oils to aid your skin as the weather changes. Instead of using traditional beauty cleansers that could strip your skin of its natural beauty, you could try a hydrating cleanser that contains natural oils. For example, baimeni’s Sweet Australian Almond Oil face cleanser helps with this as it adds the healthy benefits your skin needs like vitamin A and E.

And to help after cleansing, add further essential oils. A great item to add to your skincare routine is the baimeni 9 natural face oil. There’s not only 1 but 9 different essential oils blended together to make a perfect dry skin remedy! 


Get more coverage with your make up

When it comes to winter, makeup can appear to help your skin, but may actually leave your skin feeling dry, looking patchy and blotchy.

One way to tackle this common dilemma is to apply 1-2 drops of the natural skin oil to your favourite foundation or BB cream. This can work wonders as it works to create a smooth texture, which can easily be applied to your face.

As a bonus, it creates a more generous amount of coverage, whilst remaining light, therefore looking less cakey on your face. 


Protect your skin from the sun

Whether you are at the snow where there is heightened risk from the sun or walking around the city, protection is key to keeping your skin looking great all year round. UV rays can be harmful to your skin even when the sun may not appear to be shining as brightly or as strong. So remember to apply broad SPF50+ sunscreen protection even during cold days.


Enjoy good food for glowing skin

Good food for glowing skin - baimeni Australia

When winter creeps in we tend to look for warmth and sometimes this can mean cravings kick in. Beauty starts within. So it’s always good to keep hydrated and to enjoy a good range of foods that will help to keep your skin looking natural.

You could add a detox effect to your daily water by adding a lemon. Or consider cucumbers, a miracle worker! The vegetable is primarily made of water, making it perfect for soothing irritated skin. So using slices of cucumbers on your eyes really does have an effect. It can help to reduce puffiness and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a much fresher appearance.


Don’t forget to exfoliate

For a glowing face, regular care is needed. In winter, your skin is less likely to shed naturally. To assist with this, exfoliate your skin 1-2 times a week or where needed. You could try baimeni’s natural exfoliator to keep your skin refreshed and silky soft.

Now that you know a few tips in achieving healthy, glowing skin in winter, get started and see the improvements for yourself. 

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