Do you suffer from bumpy skin on your arms and shoulders?  Keratosis Pilaris also referred to as "chicken skin" can be a depressing condition to suffer from. Well it's actually a very common skin care problem and although it doesn't cause pain it may be something that will put you off feeling comfortable in yourself. Mostly prevalent in women and adolescents the rough texture of the skin can occur anywhere where there are hair follicles.

As we approach winter you may be more susceptible as the cooler months tend to dry our skin out and this is when skin can feel rougher, dry and itchy.  Living in a cooler climate with lower humidity also makes you more prone to bumpy skin. We recommend preventative and proactive measures to keep your skin in good health which can be incorporated into your daily skincare routine.  These are great steps to take with or without the bumps!

Here's how three baimeni products may help you get your skin looking and feeling smoother.

100% cotton muslin washcloth

Gentle exfoliation is the key to reducing the bumps by getting rid of dead skin cells, encouraging blood flow and unclogging blocked follicles.  You can use a mild body wash with the cloth or we also love using the Aloe Vera & Citrus Gentle Face Cleanser as a body wash, a little of this goes a long way.  Continue your cleanse and exfoliation from your face down your arms, shoulders and effected areas.

Honey Face Mask & Facial Cleanser

If you want a two step exfoliation process follow up by applying this mask to the areas you want to reduce the bumps on.  This product is perfect for Keratosis Pilaris because it not only exfoliates but the raw honey is perfect for adding a moisturising boost to skin.  Allow the mask to skin in for 15 minutes before washing off.

Hydrating Organic Botanical Body Lotion

Once you come out of your shower pat dry then apply baimeni hydrating organic botanical body lotion all over your body.  With avocado oil as an anti inflammatory and skin rejuvenator this will help boost the moisture to your skin giving a more even surface.  Also being high in vitamin A this will assist with cellular turnover and reducing a red appearance read more about the amazing skincare benefits of Vitamin A here.

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Please note that this is not medical advice. Seek professional advice from your general practitioner. 


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